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Les Bouquinistes De Notre Dame


  • Antoine Blanchard
    • Les Bouquinistes De Notre Dame

      Stock No: YAP0059

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      Framed: 24" x 28"

      Unframed: 18" x 22"

  • Artist Biography
    • Antoine Blanchard (1910 – 1988): Blanchard was born in north-west France in 1910. His family owned a small business comprising a shop and carpentry workshop. Blanchard showed great skills in his creativity from an early age, and he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes for four years. In 1932 Blanchard accepted a place at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he fell in love with the vibrancy of pre-war Paris. His formal studies in Paris lasted for three years, and in 1939 he married a girl he had met there. Happy in his personal life, and at a time when his artistic skills were highly developed and ready to be unleashed to a grateful audience, war broke out in Europe. Blanchard was called up for national service, and although he returned safely in 1942, Paris had changed. Shortly afterwards Blanchard’s father died and Antoine felt a responsibility to return to his hometown to run the family business. Burdened by this, his art suffered as he could afford little time to paint. In 1948 he persuaded his younger brother to take over the running of the firm, and Antoine was free to return to Paris with his wife and two daughters. The city that he had fallen in love both with, and in, had changed, not only physically but the behaviour of the people had altered too. Blanchard was determined that his paintings would represent his own Paris, the Paris of the Fin de Siècle era with gaslights and horse-drawn carriages. His name has now become synonymous with Parisian Street Painting; his elegant views capturing the imagination of collectors worldwide.

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