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Panoramica De Naples Ii


  • Jorge Azri
    • Panoramica De Naples Ii

      Stock No: WAP0069

      Price : $2,400.00


      Medium: Mixed

      Framed: 27.5" x 24"

      Unframed: 21.5" x 18"

  • Artist Biography
    • The Artist was born in 1961 and was a child prodigy who held his first solo exhibition at the age of 11. The classical style of the Renaissance influenced the artist's early works and at the age of 14 he painted a copy of Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" for his hometown church. He studied at the Madrid School of Art and joined the Madrid Fine Art Circle where he participated in individual and collective painting exhibitions. The Artist now works with mixed techinques and media to create a dynamic fusion between abstraction and realism. This special series was created depicting views of Naples.

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