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A View Of Venice


  • Antoine Bouvard
    • A View Of Venice

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      Framed: 30" x 36"

      Unframed: 20" x 26"

  • Artist Biography
    • Marc Aldine - Antoine Bouvard (1870-1956): Bouvard was born in Paris in 1870. Beginning his studies as an architect, Bouvard changed paths, training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Although based in Paris, he made frequent visits to Venice, where his early training would afford him a great appreciation for the Venetian architecture. As the European Rail network grew in the late 19th Century, and greater numbers of travelers on “The Grand Tour” spread word of the beauty of Venice, the market for his work extended through Europe. Bouvard, focusing nearly exclusively on Venetian scenes, went on to create some of the most recognizable images of “The Queen of the Adriatic”, capturing the spirit of one of the world’s most romantic cities - his assured, yet light, brush strokes caressing the canvases which have now become so collectable. Although some of his paintings bear the signature “Antoine Bouvard”, he would frequently sign his work with his pseudonym “Marc Aldine”.

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