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Homecoming Of The Sea


  • Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Bauerle
    • Homecoming Of The Sea

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      Framed: 32" x 28"

      Unframed: 24.25" x 20"

  • Artist Biography
    • Karl Friedrich Bauerle (1837-1912) Although born in Germany, Karl Friedrich Bauerle spent a large part of his youth in the US, before attending the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Art in 1859. Bauerle continued his studies in Munich in 1863 and then in Italy a year later; all the time perfecting his technique. Bauerle travelled to England in 1869, where he painted many portraits of the leading figures of the day including the children of the Prince of Wales and a portrait of Prince Alfred – which was exhibited in Paris in 1878. Today Karl Friedrich Bauerle’s work can be seen in museums in Stuttgart and Sydney.

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