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Une Rue Parisienne 1927


  • Lucien Adrion
    • Une Rue Parisienne 1927

      Stock No: GAP0142

      Price : $16,800.00


      Medium: Oil on Canvas

      Framed: 23.5" x 32"

      Unframed: 33.5" x 42.25"

  • Artist Biography
    • This is an original unique oil painting by the artist. Lucien Adrion was greatly appreciated for his crowded street scenes around Paris. For example, the critic Galtier-Boissiére, (1891-1966) wrote, “He has a feeling for the movement of crowds, the movement of life”. This is evident in Une rue parisienne where Adrion has captured the tumult and business of the hustling, bustling Parisian capital. The artist left his native town of Strasbourg in 1907 and moved to Paris to work as a draftsman to the fashion industry. He travelled to London, Munich and Frankfurt. When he visited Germany the outbreak of the First World War meant he was demobilised in Berlin. Here Adrion studied at the studio of Hermann Struck (1876-1944), a well-known artist in etchings and engravings who was also the master of artists such as Marc Chagall (1887-1985) and Lesser Ury (1861-1931). Adrion remained in Berlin until after the end of the First World War, and returned to Strasbourg in 1919.

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