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King Charles Spaniels and a Maltese Terrier


  • Vincent de Vos
    • King Charles Spaniels and a Maltese Terrier

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      Unframed: 19.5" x 23.5"

  • Artist Biography
    • Vincent de Vos (1829–1875) Vincent de Vos a Belgian artist who specialized in paintings of animals. Vincent de Vos was born in Kortrijk, Belgium in 1829 and studied at the Kortrijk Academy under religious artist Philip De White, and Edward Woutermaetens, also a painter of animals. At the academy, his early works won medals for composition in 1848, antique images in 1849, anatomy in 1851, and the gold medal for perspective in 1852. In 1870 he spent time in Italy but eventually settled down in his home town of Kortrijk, where he set up his studio, which was aften described as a small zoo. He kept dogs, wolves, foxes, monkeys and even a camel. His work was successful commercially and was exhibited mostly in Belgium and France. He died in Kortrijk on 5 October 1875.

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