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The Capture of HMS Cyane and HMS Levant


  • Maarten Platje
    • The Capture of HMS Cyane and HMS Levant

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      Unframed: 27.75" x 43.5"

  • Artist Biography
    • Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in 1967, Maarten Platje studied at the Ars Aemula Naturae Art Academy in Leiden. In addition he attended several artistic courses and studies. After his studies Maarten Platje spent part of his youth as a sailor before devoting himself to the painting of ships. This period certainly contributed to his ability to transform his impressions and observations into highly accurate and lively marine paintings. Maarten Platje began exhibiting his work in 1986 and built a reputation as an outstanding marine painter. Several times his work became awarded and many of his paintings were shown to the public at exhibitions and major Dutch annuals (i.e. Europoort Amsterdam and the Maritime Manifestation Vlissingen). His paintings have also been used as illustrations for book covers and in the leading Dutch marine magazine ‘De Blauwe Wimpel’.

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