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James Lomax

James Edward Lomax,in his early 30s - is a special talent from UK. After his art studies at Fine Art in Cornwall - UK, he focused his education in sculpture,

while he has developed very exquisite and unique approach to sculpting. His works range within a unique and heady mix of resilience and brilliance, otherworldliness and science.

He is currently based in Bali where he has his own studio and he is experimenting with different materials and creating amazing sculptures for his clients in USA, UK, Asia and Saudi Arabia.

He has done many shows over the years at the London Royal horticultural show, with a great success.

“Liminal state” is a series of the serene feminine, cast with bronze and crystal quartz, unique piece where each crystal has been placed by hand.

"Yet my work, like each one of us, is essentially full of optimism and growth, a signal of confidence and light in a seemingly darkening world.

Crystals as an allegory again convey this purpose of polarities, of natural material subdued to such intense crushing heat, and somehow,

this seismic pressure over decades, an age, or many lifetimes, has managed to birth something so exquisite, precious and wild, exuding promise and mystery."

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